I don’t know where my road is going, but I know that I walk better when I hold your hand.

Alfred De Musset

Civil wedding

In 2015 my husband and I got married with a civil ceremony. Seven intense minutes of reading boring legalese!
Fortunately, our mayor was really nice: she dedicated a poem to us and our five-year-old son handed us the wedding rings.
The mayor really enriched a rite which would otherwise have been so impersonal!
As your celebrant (and using legal powers as a registrar with the Mayor mandate) I can marry you in any authorised location. I will proudly wear the mayor sash and I will combine the civil part with the romantic one, creating a wonderful experience.
I’m sure that everyone will tell you: “I’ve never seen such a beautiful wedding!”
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A “symbolic” but meaningful wedding ceremony

These have been on the increase in recent years – and it’s easy to see why.
What is symbol? It’s something so important and truly meaningful for us, something that represents us, something that means a lot to us.
This type of ceremony becomes the UNIQUE ceremony you’ve always dreamed about.
Most couples choose a symbolic and meaningful ceremony also because it has an invincible benefit: it can take place EVERYWHERE, in a garden, on the beach, high in the mountains….
I strongly recommend you to choose the place of your heart!
Couples can also get married in the same location where the after-party will take place, maybe you can choose a meaningful ceremony full of personal symbols next to a beautiful and romantic pool under a night sky full of stars.

Contact me to plan your dream ceremony!

Real moments


Valeria and Antonio, love always wins!

Valeria and Antonio, love always wins!

Love is: supporting each other. Valeria and Antonio chose the panoramic terrace of the beautiful location "La Vittorina" on top of Turin's hill, where they said "Yes, I do" with a tailored ceremony. Violins accompanied the tale of their love story and we were softly...

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Wild elopement in Valle di Viù: wedding at Malciaussia Lake

Wild elopement in Valle di Viù: wedding at Malciaussia Lake

Greta and Fabio are a wonderful sweet couple. They were looking for a wild elopement, a moment just for them. They chose a very romantic place, the lake of Malciaussia, in the village of Usseglio, Viu’ Valley. The day of the ceremony was bright and windy like their...

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Wild elopement in high mountain, Viu’, Torino

Wild elopement in high mountain, Viu’, Torino

Wild elopement in high mountain, Viu' (Torino, Piedmont) A fresh, young elopement, a meaningful ceremony in the mountains in Viù near Turin Alessandro e Lucia chose a wild place high in the mountains, dominated by beautiful, enchanting and untamed waterfalls. Lucia...

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