He doesn’t speak my language but knows my heart…


Pet Funeral

For the last few years animals have rightly been considered as members of our families, they’re no longer “only” animals but friends and soulmates.
Many people live life together with an animal. Unfortunately, like everyone, pets are subordinated to nature’s law, and their lives come to an end exactly as human life does.
The emotional bond between a person and the pet is very strong. We share our daily routine with them, we learn to know their personality in all its shades, their strengths and their weaknesses. When their time comes, and they go beyond the “rainbow bridge” they leave a big hole in our hearts.
It is the right thing to do to gather together and honour the memory of our beloved friends and say our final goodbyes, remembering the beautiful times we had together, the runs, the walks, how we played together, focusing on the unconditional love they gave us.

roberto nickson gRHEt2kF3NU unsplash

Contact me to say goodbye to your beloved friend with a pet funeral.