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Naming ceremonies for new born babies

Every new life has to be celebrated! Every culture has its own rituals for welcoming a new life.
In the culture of Ancient Greece every new born baby was gently put inside a wicker basket and carried around the village so that the whole community could see and get to know the new member.
Baby naming ceremonies for new born babies are full of tenderness and love. The children are the main characters … elder sisters and brothers can perform special tasks, such as reading a poem or singing a lovely song.
A naming ceremony can be a substitute for a Christening or can be added to one. We’ll personalise the ceremony and dedicate it to the whole family. It will be a wonderful party for family and friends.
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Benvenuto al mondo
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Benvenuto in famiglia 2

Welcome into the family
(adoption party)

You are starting out on an adventurous voyage from the stream of childhood, along the river of adolescence, out across the ocean of manhood to the port you want to reach.

Sir Robert Baden Powell

I really love the expression “Children of the Heart”.
Parents don’t give birth to these children, they are born in their hearts.
Most of the times they become a member of the family after hard times, walking along difficult paths and passing through troubled life experiences.
They are lights that shine so brightly because they have been born twice, thanks to love.
To organize a welcome ceremony as the crowning moment of an official adoption is a very special gift that a family shares with itself. A moment for all of them of joy, love and introduction.
A special moment for sealing a union that has been growing in your hearts from the first moment you crossed those sweet eyes, full of pain and hope…

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