Sweet Melita and the Crusty boy!

From Malta… with love! Melissa and Enrico live in sweet Melita, the isle of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

They met on a night out with common friends, breathing together the fresh air coming from the sea, walking through ancient and magic streets built in white stones, in a very romantic scenario, surrounded by fascinating and historical bilduings.

I’ve known Enrico since he was… a little crusty boy! Before he moved to Malta, we have lived in the same village. So, you can imagine my joy  when he asked me to be the celebrant of his wedding with sweet bride Melissa.

They chose a very elegant and charming venue, at the bottom of Val di Susa, a gorgeous medieval castle, in Villardora. It was simply perfect for them!

We celebrated their wedding in a pretty and romantic garden, and the ceremony was enriched by relatives and friends contributions. Melissa and Enrico chose to emphasize the moment through a very particular symbolic ritual: they planted a cherry-tree seed, the representation of their love for Japanese culture and the legend of Sakura.

After a sparkling party at Villardora castle, and a few days of typical Italian relax with the family, Melissa and Enrico finally flew back home in Malta to live their dream together.

Venue https://www.castellodivillardora.it/

Photo https://www.fototerry.com/