The sweetest love…

The day I met Ilaria and Francesco I immediately have felt so much sweetness and serenity.. do you know what I mean…. when you go home with that tenderness inside your heart? 

In their eyes I saw a big, firm and mature love. And so, it became so natural and really enjoyable to work together, creating the perfect wedding ceremony for them!

They chose a spectacular venue in Cuneo, an historical villa, with an enormous garden shaded by the trees, which was simply perfect to ensure freshness in a very hot and sunny day of June.

They opted for two particolar rituals: the first one, handfasting, choosing ribbons of their favourite colors, each of them with a specific meaning. 

The second ritual: their tailored memory box coloured in blue, that they filled with all their sweet memories.

It was really a warm and moving ceremony! Lots of friends and love all around!