Alessandra Dosio a humanist secular celebrant

Hello! My name is  Alessandra and I am a humanist secular celebrant.

Humanist means I focus my celebration on human desires and happiness.
Secular means I celebrate ceremonies without references to religion or with references to different religions fused together.
Since I was a little girl I always have felt … in a different way.
I used to look at the world all around me and think “Do people see the colours the same as I do”?
As soon as I became an “adult” I knew that I wanted to make a difference.
That’s why I decided to become a celebrant.
Being a celebrant is an honour. I can create a unique ceremony based on your wishes and desires, a tailored ceremony that reflects your personality.
In the same way as a painter paints on a canvas, the final result will be… unique and awesome!
A mix of colours that really represents humanity. Everyone different from others but in the end all perfectly matched!
Each ceremony is unique as everyone deserves!
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My “motto”: Ama

AMA in Italian means “To love”.

In my ceremonies I want to describe love in all its shapes.

A is Amore: Your wedding ceremony will be unique just as you are! I’ll write and perform a tailored ceremony with your favourite songs and poems, putting your love story into words.

M is Memoria: Secular funerals are the last proof of love we can imagine. I celebrate the life and the memory of the loved ones who didn’t want a religious ceremony for whatever reason. We will honour the memory of the loved ones who passed away, creating a ceremony based on the wishes and desires of the departed and the family.

A is Accoglienza: Naming ceremonies are full of love for a newby that is about to become a member of the family.
Baby naming for a new born baby and Welcome in family for an adopted one.

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Humanism is a philosophical stance that is connected with Renaissance philosophy, but with something more.
Humanism is based on the research of happiness here and now for everybody, a prospective that affirms the right of everyone to find their own path without the help of any kind of gods.
The core of humanism is humanity: free and evolved creatures, searching for entirety while respecting everybody and everything around them.
Live, grow and find your happiness!

Link to: the amsterdam declaration

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Discover how I can paint the ceremony on your desires.