Limits only exist in the minds of those who cannot DREAM

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My name is Alessandra and I am a humanist secular celebrant.

How many times have you been invited to a ceremony?
Have you noticed that the people are not the leading characters?
Think about it: how important is it to have a tailor-made ceremony for every important event in our life? A ceremony that is suitable for us, constructed from our desires? A ceremony that is sincere, meaningful and very personal. A ceremony that is relaxing, comfortable and very inclusive.

Marriage; Naming ceremonies for new born babies or adoptions; Renewal of vows; Divorce ceremonies; Secular funerals; Pet funerals….

Alessandra Dosio humanist secular celebrant

AMA in Italian means “To love”.

In my ceremonies I want to describe love in all its shapes.

A is Amore

Your wedding ceremony will be unique just as you are! I’ll write and perform a tailored ceremony with your favourite songs and poems, putting your love story into words.

M is Memoria

Secular funerals are the last proof of love we can imagine. I celebrate the life and the memory of the loved ones who didn’t want a religious ceremony for whatever reason. We will honour the memory of the loved ones who passed away, creating a ceremony based on the wishes and desires of the departed and the family.

A is Accoglienza

Naming ceremonies are full of love for a newby that is about to become a member of the family.
Baby naming for a new born baby and Welcome in family for an adopted one.


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Sabrina & Cristian

Sabrina & Cristian

"That boy will be my husband!" A very special couple. A real big love,  that has grown with them since they were kids. There's no doubt, they're soulmates. From the very beginning, the very first sight, when Sabrina came back home and simply said "Today I met my...

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Elisa & Andy

Elisa & Andy

A sweet love across Moorland and Langhe A lovely couple from UK. I worked during winter time, online only, meeting Elisa and Andy in videocall sometimes, to create the wedding ceremony of their dreams. The result, despite the distance,  has been incredibly...

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