Limits only exist in the minds of those who cannot DREAM

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My name is Alessandra and I am a humanist secular celebrant.

How many times have you been invited to a ceremony?
Have you noticed that the people are not the leading characters?
Think about it: how important is it to have a tailor-made ceremony for every important event in our life? A ceremony that is suitable for us, constructed from our desires? A ceremony that is sincere, meaningful and very personal. A ceremony that is relaxing, comfortable and very inclusive.

Marriage; Naming ceremonies for new born babies or adoptions; Renewal of vows; Divorce ceremonies; Secular funerals; Pet funerals….

Alessandra Dosio humanist secular celebrant

AMA in Italian means “To love”.

In my ceremonies I want to describe love in all its shapes.

A is Amore

Your wedding ceremony will be unique just as you are! I’ll write and perform a tailored ceremony with your favourite songs and poems, putting your love story into words.

M is Memoria

Secular funerals are the last proof of love we can imagine. I celebrate the life and the memory of the loved ones who didn’t want a religious ceremony for whatever reason. We will honour the memory of the loved ones who passed away, creating a ceremony based on the wishes and desires of the departed and the family.

A is Accoglienza

Naming ceremonies are full of love for a newby that is about to become a member of the family.
Baby naming for a new born baby and Welcome in family for an adopted one.


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Lucia & Massimo

Lucia & Massimo

That book’s a pander, and the man who wrote it. Such a lovely couple, very sweet and funny, genuine and intellectual. We celebrated their romantic wedding on a nice and sunny August morning, covered by the enormous trees in the enchanted garden of a very sightly venue...

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Carmen & Stefano, love and fireworks!

Carmen & Stefano, love and fireworks!

"Lovecats" in le Langhe... Carmen and Stefano a very eclectic couple, always on the move, absolute travel lovers.. but not only... they are fond of good food and ... cats! Their love is like fireworks in a hot summer night, very intense and powerful. It was an amazing...

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